Hello ✌️

My name is Marcin and I am a PHP developer with 8 years of commercial experience. Throw all these years I have touched a lot of technologies even not connected to PHP. It allowed me to get familiar with a lot of stuff that provides the IT world and programming. Thanks to this I could get to know good and bad things in different languages which showed me that every programming language has its pearls and dead bodies in the wardrobe.

Today I am the PHP developer at a software house specializing in e-commerce especially Shopware 6. My responsibilities are taking care of all things connected with Shopware 6. Starting from creating new themes, through plugins to shop migrations with a lot of products, customers, and orders.

In this blog, I will try to collect my thoughts, describe experiences and reveal news from the world of shopware 6 and from the life of a php programmer in a software house.

What I Do in Shopware 6


Since my adventure begins with Shopware 6, I had contact with themes and develop them. No matter if it is creating the theme from the scratch, moving the existing one, developing it, or creating from the design the most important thing is that theme must be clean, easy to read and user friendly, and developed with all applicable standards.


Plugins are a great solution to add custom functionality to your shopware 6 shops. In my portfolio, I have very complicated plugins that changed existing functionality or added completely new functions forced by the business in a specific shop.

ERP / API Integration

During my present work, I had the pleasure create a couple of plugins to communicate with ERP systems to create two-way synchronization data. All communications were via API and wrap to compact user-friendly plugin.

APP Template Plugins

You have Shopware 6 in the cloud and you need a custom plugin made to measure your requirements? There is a cool solution called App Template. Your business logic is on the external server and communicates with shopware via API. It means more freedom for you and bigger stability for your store.